Are Only Rich People Entitled to Try Their Luck in the Lottery?


Last updated on May 14, 2024

Dear Edvin,

My financial situation is inadequate and I live in a country with the highest inflation in the world. I live in Turkey and my situation is very bad. Could you share some good numbers for the 6/60, 6/90, 5/34 and 10/80 systems? I heard that you are a good person. I'm sure many people write this way, but I'm real. Please help me, please :(

I just want to try my luck. I have enough money to buy your calculator right now, can't I buy it from you with a credit card for a fee?  Come on, are only rich people entitled to try their luck?  I am someone who works in the field of finance, I know how to manage my money, don't worry.

Mr. MM

Dear MM,

I suppose life out there is really difficult.

The truth is, you cannot predict the next winning combinations, and therefore, there’s no way to guarantee a lottery win. I don’t want to give you false hope and let you rely on the lottery to better your situation. Given the economic situation in your country, relying on the lottery is a financially dangerous mindset.

A lottery game is just a form of entertainment. There are reasons why I said this:

You asked me: “Are only rich people entitled to try their luck?”

Everyone is entitled to try their luck, but you must understand that the lottery is purely for entertainment. A lottery game is for people who want fun and have some spare money. The truth may hurt, but that’s the truth.

Investing in yourself is the best path to try your luck in life. Gain some skills. Use that skills to get a job or start a business and make money through hard work.

Please, don’t rely on the lottery to better your life. Play the lottery for fun.

I hope that helps.

Stay safe,


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