Lotterycodex Mathematics Meets The Lottery

Play The Lottery Responsibly


No matter what you do, the lottery cannot be predicted.  It goes to say that winning in any lottery is truly a tough nut to crack.

The major reason behind the difficulty is the fact that the lottery is composed of millions of numbers and only one will get picked to win the jackpot.  To put that into perspective, it’s like finding a needle in a haystack.

Additionally, the lottery draw is completely random.  No system in the world can truly predict the next winning numbers.  No fortune teller next door can do that.

The lottery is just entertainment for a cause.  That’s all about the lottery. Somebody will win, and it could be you, but chances are it’s somebody else.  So if you don’t win, try your luck next time but don’t be addicted to it to the point that it affects your life and your family.

Winning in the lottery takes a long streaks of losses.  So play the lottery for fun.  Lottery is just an entertainment.  It's important that you spend only the money that you can afford to lose.  The image shows 4 monster friends who loss in the lottery but they were not sad.  The caption says: better luck next time guys.

How to spend your money on the lottery

If you play the lottery, make sure to spend only the money that you can afford to lose.

Do not sacrifice your grocery for the lottery.

There are many important things to consider in your life.  Make sure that there’s food on the table. Your house rental is paid on time.  Your bills are paid early. Make sure all the important things are secured.

I, for one, believe that the money you will use for the lottery should be the money that you saved for entertainment purposes.

It’s like you set aside extra money for a carnival ride.

Do not rely on the Lottery to improve your standard of living.  Sure, one jackpot win will take you to a prosperous life, but again, as I said, it’s hard to win the lottery.  You are better off investing your money to gain more skills such as cooking, dancing, or carpentry, plumbing, driving, painting, and writing.  You can use these skills later to improve your finances.

I am not saying it’s bad to play the lottery.

Play the lottery if you want but please do it when you have enough savings.  After all, when you win the big jackpot, it’s life-changing.

Make a point to save money for entertainment purposes and then use that money for the lottery.

Play Responsibly.

Lotterycodex Mathematics Meets The Lottery

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