Lottery Addiction – Signs, Dangers and Where To Get Help


Lottery addiction may develop because too many players hold many misconceptions about the game. Some players believe that lottery is not a form of gambling and that addiction is not possible. That is where the problem begins. You cannot fix a problem if you don't believe it exists in the first place. This article tries to explore the many possibilities that players may get through. We will also...

Top 10 Lotto Betting Do’s and Don’ts


Everyone wants a short cut in his life. Those short cuts are available in different forms. One of them is the lottery. Some, no matter what the consequences are, risk their whole money and fail to give a big bang for their bucks. Let's discuss the many don'ts which help you understand the lottery better.

How to Win the UK Lotto 6/59 According to Math


There’s no way to predict the next winning combination in the lottery, but you can improve your chances when you play with mathematical strategy. My analysis of the UK Lotto 6/59 shows that only one number pattern exhibits high probability and as I always say, the key factor to your strategy is in the combination pattern. If you use quick pick, important dates, hot numbers, or cold numbers...

How to Win the US Powerball 5/69 According to Math


The majority of the Powerball players are doing it wrong. If you’re like the majority who rely on a random selection, hot numbers, cold numbers, birth dates, anniversaries, horoscope numbers, and other unscientific lotto strategies, you are wasting money on the lottery. I guarantee that. The fact remains, many do not win the Powerball because they keep on playing the wrong number patterns...

How to Win the TattsLotto 6/45 According to Math


Many players want to know how to win TattsLotto but they don’t get it. Rather than relying on a scientific approach, many players stick to the century-old myth of using lucky numbers, hot and cold numbers, etc., etc.  But mathematically speaking, those methods don’t work in the Lottery. Many are wasting their money because they keep on playing the wrong number patterns and...

How to Win the US Mega Millions 5/75 (Old Format)


I’ve heard a lot of people, playing the Mega Millions with hot numbers, birthdates, lucky numbers, important dates of their lives, numbers given to them by their favorite fortune teller, etc., etc. I respect everyone’s style but I, for one, believe that Math is the best strategy to play the Mega Millions. Today, I will explain to you how the Math works in the lottery, and I promised...

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