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Top 10 Lotto Betting Do’s and Don’ts


If you want to play the lottery, first, you need to be aware of the things that may ruin your gameplay. Yes, I am talking about the don’ts from which you should steer clear of a lot before hitting your best shots.

Let’s learn the things, these may not be absorbed in once, but it may save your some breaths.

the dos and donts in the lottery

1. Don’t Play Lotto if You Don’t Have a Job

Where do you get the extra money when you don’t have the means. The lottery is not for everyone.  I believe, it is only for those who can buy lotto tickets.  The truth may hurt, but it is the truth.

Do this: Get a job first before you ever think of playing the lottery. When you have a good job, then you can save extra for your lottery entertainment.

2. Don’t Play Lotto if You Can’t Save Money

Having an excellent job isn’t enough. A lot of people enjoy the habit of forking out without taking into consideration cost management.

So just because you have lots of money doesn’t mean playing the lottery is all for you.  Having a proper attitude is foremost.

It isn’t right to shell out your cash on your lotto tickets and then give up your capacity to pay for the groceries. Budgeting is important.

Do this: Save money for entertainment purpose. That includes playing lotto for fun. Playing the lottery game is way more interesting that way, With your savings accounts, you can easily have a good time with more lines. Not to mention gaming significantly more lines improves your odds.

3. Don’t Be Reliant Upon the Lottery to Better Your Quality of Life

Keep in mind that you have to win before anything else, having said that, being victorious in it is tricky.

Try this instead: Invest in yourself more than in the lottery. Go to school or gain some skills. Learn painting, learn carpentry, learn something that can help you earn money.

Your favorite lottery is just a fun activity that you take up to keep life interesting. It’s rarely suitable to be reliant upon the lotto to make improvements to your life.

Head off to schooling and complete your homework. Bring in the right proficiency that will help you get a decent employment that compensates financially.

When you’ve got a suitable profession, then, your quality of living will get better.

4. Don’t Be in the Lottery Game With Just One Line

Chances are you’ll be lucky with one line, but it’s quite possible it does not likely happen. The chances are so substantial that your likelihood of evolving into the next elected frontrunner in your neighborhood provides better chances than winning any lottery.

By way of example, there are 292 Million possible number combinations in Powerball, but just one combination will be drawn to win the Lotto jackpot. In case you play one line, the next winner could be more probably not you.

My recommendation: Play a hundred lines or even more. Inside the lottery analysis section, you’ll find number patterns that can be handy to figure out the best, the favorable and the worst numbers in your favorite lotto game. Having access to this particular private section is completely free.

As I said, earlier, save extra money for your lottery entertainment. I suggest it so that you can play more lines.  If you feel like playing but afford only one line, then, set your money aside. Keep putting extra money into your lottery envelope until you have enough fund to play 100 lines or more.

If playing a hundred lines can be too expensive, your smartest choice would be to enroll in a syndicate.

5. Don’t Play Lotto Without a Good Strategy

If you are picking numbers randomly, then you are just tossing your hard-earned money into a waste bucket. You may have a white head in the long run, but you can’t get the best luck in fulfilling your desires. See my post How To Win the Lottery why this is so.

Try this as an alternative: Put into action a lotto strategy which makes use of both best number combinations and the right way of thinking. See this infographic: The Lottery Game Plan.

The good news is, you don’t have to be a master in Algebra to have a clue how this Math works out in the lottery.  If you are clueless, just log into the free lottery analysis section and pick what works in your favorite lottery.

6. Don’t Play Using Bad Strategies Either

Just because you have a strategy doesn’t mean you have the advantage. For example, if you believe in hot and cold numbers, then, you are better off using your money for something else. Read lottery strategies that don’t work.

Checking the frequency of each number in the lottery is useless. Many lottery players tend to pick the most common winning lottery numbers.  But it’s not going to help them a bit.  To win the lottery, you have to pick all the right numbers in the combination successfully. So stop looking at the performance of individual numbers because they will not give you better chances of winning.

The Law of Large Numbers states that, if some numbers appear more initially, other numbers will catch up soon as draws take place approaching infinity.

Additionally, don’t use the quick pick machine offered in your lotto shop. Making use of quick pick machine won’t ensure selecting any combination with the perfect number pattern.

The second thing is, quick pick machine doesn’t have sound judgment, and for that reason, it has no chance to find out in case the number it generates is the worst one.

Do this instead: Focus on combination pattern rather than individual numbers. If you check the lottery analysis section, you will discover the best, the bad, and the worst combinations in the lottery.  Access to this private section of Lotterycodex is free so just log in and pick what works in your favorite lottery.

7. Don’t Be Greedy

If the lotto jackpot keeps turning out to be bigger since nobody is winning, a large group of gamers may head for every lottery station for an opportunity to seize the grander prize.

Sadly, I must say, there’s even a pretty good possibility that you’ll be sharing your big victory with others which means that your total prize will be dramatically reduced.

Try this in lieu: Just play the game whatever the lotto jackpot prize is. When you finally have adequate financial savings to wager for hundred lines, just rush to your neighborhood lotto station.

8. Don’t Play the Lottery Game if You Believe That You Are Going to Lose It

Don’t let your negatives overcome your positives. If you can’t help yourself in this, you better buy your mother an unexpected gift. Making someone happy will make you happier.

Playing the lottery should give you a couple of happiness, the one when you win it and the one when you spend it.

Don’t take it seriously and do not make it a part of your life and death. It is just a game, either you win or lose. It has many swings and roundabouts, so keep in mind if you’re wasting on your swings, you will earn in your roundabouts.

Take it as a fun, and have more than the barrel of monkeys.

Try this: Come up with a proper lottery game plan. Don’t lose hope, because sometimes best-laid plans often go astray, so try another shot and try the best luck. If at first, you do not succeed, try again. But remember, just do it for fun.

9. Don’t Change Numbers Every Time You Play

A good list of numbers doesn’t have to be changed. If you keep it consistent, there will be something that is sure to happen in the long run.

Use this instead: Sometimes the list may perform terribly in some lotto draws, however, there is a good venture your list may perform rather well on some draws, so you have got to be in it to win it.

Patience is a virtue, and you need to have a patience of a saint, don’t be in a hurry, just be consistent. You’ll find out how to construct a superb list of numbers with better probabilities of getting drawn inside the lottery analysis section.

10. Don’t Admit Defeat so Easily

Never quit, tell this truth yourself and shame your devil.

The lottery is a game of chance; there is no way out to win so easily because it is completely random. You should have “patience” and “persistence” to get a windfall.

Try this instead: Give some thought to lotto as a strategy game. You should play to keep things interesting. Once you do, you won’t ever think of laying off. There’s no doubt that the ultimate way to play lotto is to think of it as a strategy game.

Strategizing is paramount in which the final goal is always to win. That is precisely where the thrill starts the ball rolling.

Finally, Make Your Lottery Dream Come True

Winning the lottery isn’t easy. The odds are too astronomical.

That’s where it can be worth to think differently. By using a positive perspective, you’d be blown away by whatever you can accomplish. Even getting a lotto jackpot isn’t extremely hard if you stay upbeat that the lotto results will spin to your benefit.

A lotto ticket is the best license to wish a little, so have some lighter moments with it. With a little savings, a good strategy, and a lot of tenacity, playing lotto could result in a big thing.

However, this year, contrary to purchasing a ticket and dreaming about the best, decide to put a little effort in a way you play lotto. Check out the best number patterns in the lottery. And by this time around the coming year, hopefully, you will be a multi-millionaire.

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