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Hi, Edvin Hiltner here and welcome to Lotterycodex.

First, Lotterycodex doesn’t sell lottery tickets. So if you need to play lotto, please run to your nearest local lotto station.

Lotterycodex.com is all about the Mathematical strategy to play the lottery. I use various Mathematical Tool to study number combinations.

Despite being a non-English speaking guy, I started this website to bring to you the results of my lottery studies. So, I’ll do my best to explain everything in plain English.

I’ve seen a lot of people picking numbers either by random selection or by quick pick machine. While I see this approach as natural for many players, I don’t think this is the proper way to play the lottery.  Quite often, this method will only provide you with numbers that will never appear in the lottery.

The truth is, millions of numbers will never get drawn in the lottery. And the majority of the lottery players do not know. But I know that, with the use of Mathematics, we can determine the difference between high probability and low probability combinations.

And as a lottery player, you get two benefits when you play mathematically:

1. You save money. Meaning, you never pick number combinations that will never have a chance in any draw.

2. You increase your chances of winning the lottery. Meaning, you play number combination with a high probability of appearing in a draw.

I want to teach all lotto players how to play the lottery according to Math. Here are the immutable facts that you should know about the lottery:

  1.  There are low probability and high probability combinations in the lottery. To have higher chances of winning, you must play those combinations that are most probable.
  2. Not all number combinations have equal chances of getting drawn. See my post: Top Lottery Strategy Myths Debunk.
  3. The lottery is a random game.  Each draw is completely random. Therefore, there is no way to predict the next winning numbers.
  4. It’s hard to win the lottery.  That’s the fact.  The lottery is composed of millions of number combination to choose from, and only one will get picked to win the main prize.
  5. No strategy will ever be invented to predict the lottery.  That system has never existed and will never exist in the history of the lottery.
  6. You should play the lottery for fun. Although, if you win the jackpot, the amount of windfall to receive is not a joke.  It’s life changing. Nonetheless, there is no guarantee that you will win.  The lottery is all about entertainment for a cause.  So you play only to entertain yourself.
  7. Spend only the money that you can afford to lose.
  8. Find a good job or start your own business first.  Because if you have a good job or business, then you can save money to buy lotto tickets.
  9. Save, save and save money to play the lottery.  Do not buy lotto tickets using your budget for grocery. Remember, the lottery is just a form of entertainment and therefore, you should save money for entertainment purpose.  If you are unable to save money, then you have no privilege to play the lottery.  The lottery is only for those who can save money to buy tickets.
  10. Don’t rely on the lottery to improve your life.  Please go out to find a good job.  If you don’t find a good job, then maybe start your own business.  That’s the real way to win in life.
  11. Invest in yourself.  Go and learn a new skill.  With great skill comes a great job. With a great job comes a good salary.  If you have a high paying job, you probably will not need to play the lottery.
  12. Invest more in the stock market and spend less in the lottery. When you invest in the stock market especially in big companies with long years of proven success, your money will grow exponentially.
  13. If you really want to play the lottery, then do it mathematically.  Yes, it is hard to win the lottery, and the lottery may be completely random, but there is a way to improve your chances of winning.
  14. Play with a strategy.  It’s better to play with strategy than no strategy at all.
  15. You have to be in it to win it. Somebody will win the next draw, and it could be you or somebody else.   It’s a game of chance so just play and enjoy the fun.
  16. Patience and persistence are necessary.  Never expect that you will win the first time you play. All lottery winners played for seven or more years before hitting the jackpot and you are no different.

How Does Lotterycodex Make Money

This website doesn’t generate income on its own as it doesn’t sell anything. I do ask for a voluntary donation to keep everything rolling.  I don’t have an affiliate account and I don’t sell lottery ticket. I don’t run a lottery syndicate as well.

Proof Of My Own Winnings

I invest in my education and in the stock market than in the lottery.  I earn my money as a computer programmer.  In other words, I don’t play the lottery and therefore there’s no way I win in any lottery.

So I know your next question will be why should you listen to me.

I started this website because I know how the Maths works in the Lottery.  It is the knowledge that I want to share with you in the hope that you may learn from it or make a good strategy out of it.

I use various Mathematical tools to analyze the Lottery and I don’t need to be a lottery player to prove my point because Mathematics is a universally accepted tool for all scientific studies. I do not even use statistics to determine trending pattern. I use “Pure Math” to know what works.

You will see right before your own eyes that,  all theoretical probability of the lottery matched extremely close with the Empirical Evidence proving that Mathematics can be used to predict the lottery to an extent.

All my analyses of the lottery are based on these five fields of Mathematical studies:

  1. Binomial Coefficient by Gerolamo Cardano
  2. Probability Formula
  3. The Geometry Of Chance by Renato Gianella
  4. Law Of Large Numbers
  5. Combinatorics

The good thing about Mathematics is that you can prove your calculation. The final conclusion reveals that we can use Mathematics to determine trending number patterns.

Mathematics can help draw players closer to the winning side, whether you accept that or not, it’s all up to you.

To your lottery success,

Edvin Hiltner
Lottery Probability and Combinatorics Analyst

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Edvin Hiltner

I study maths. I get a good grasp of it through persistent learning. I get my inspirations from the works of Gerolamo Cardano and Renato Gianella in the fields of Combinatorics and Probability theory.

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