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Hi, Edvin Hiltner here and welcome to Lotterycodex.

Before I talk about what Lotterycodex is and what it can do for you,  let me discuss some essential things with you first.

  • The lottery is all about “entertainment” and nothing more.  You play with the excitement of possibly winning a windfall.  But don’t forget that you do this just for fun.  Although you can use math to help you pick good numbers, the odds are too astronomical to beat.  Do not rely on the lottery to improve your life.  The lottery is never a way to a better life.
  • I advise that you invest in yourself more than in the lottery.  Spend your money to improve your education.  Learn new skills.  Know how to be an entrepreneur.  Let me tell you the formula: SKILLS + HARD WORK = MONEY.  That is the surefire way to winning big money in life.
  • Lastly, Lotterycodex doesn’t sell lottery tickets, and it’s not a syndicate either. So if you need to play lotto, please run to your nearest local lotto station.

Now, if you have to play the lottery, then, at least make it a good one.  And Lotterycodex is here to help.

What is is all about the mathematical side of the lottery. I use various mathematical tools to study number combinations.  These tools are mainly probability theory and combinatorics.

Despite being a non-English speaking guy, I decided to share my lottery studies. But, I’ll do my best to explain everything in plain English.  And by the way, I use this website to practice my English both in writing and speaking.  So please, bear with me.

I’ve seen a lot of people making number selection either by random or by quick pick machine. While this approach is a natural behavior for many players, I don’t think this is the proper way to play the lottery.

The truth is, some number combinations will never get drawn in the lottery.  But I know that, with the use of math, we can separate those combinations with a high probability of occurring from those with low probability.

And as a lottery player, you get two benefits when you use math for number selection:

1. You save money. That is because you never pick bad numbers.

2. You become confident. That’s because you believe your combination is a good one.

Story short, Lotterycodex helps you get closer to the realization of your lottery dream.  Hopefully.

As a guy who understands math, winning the lottery is a tough nut to crack.  You better believe that.

It’s hard to win the lottery alright.  But at least you can pick better numbers.  So, here, I want to teach all lotto players how to play the lottery according to math.

The immutable facts about the lottery

  1. Each number in the lottery has equal probability.  But when numbers are combined, each combination exhibits different probability.  See my post: Top Lottery Strategy Myths Debunk.  There are combinations with a low probability of occurring.  And there are ones with a high probability. As a lottery player, you should focus on those combinations that are most probable.
  2. The lottery is genuinely a random game.  And each draw is completely independent. Therefore, there is no way to predict the next winning numbers based on the past lottery results.
  3. Winning a lottery is hard.  And the reason is that the lottery is composed of millions of number combinations, and just one combination is required to win the grand prize.
  4. No strategy will ever be invented to predict the lottery.  That system has never existed and will never exist.
  5. The lottery is all about entertainment for a cause.  So you play only to entertain yourself.  It’s never an alternative to make a full-time income.
  6. Losing is more often than winning. So, spend only the money that you can afford to lose.
  7. You have to be in it to win it. But remember, somebody will win the next draw, and it could be more likely “not you.”   Remember, it’s a random game.  So just play for the fun.

Lotterycodex Principles

  1. Find a good job or start your own business first.  Because if you have a good job or business, then you can save money for your entertainment.  I mean lottery entertainment.
  2. Save, save and save money to play the lottery.  If you are unable to save money, then you have no privilege to play the lottery.  The lottery is only for those who can save money for entertainment.
  3. Don’t rely on the lottery to improve your life.  Please go out to find a good job.  If you don’t have a good job, then maybe start your own business.  That’s the real way to win and never worry about money.
  4. Invest in yourself.  Go and learn a new skill.  With proper skill comes a great job. With a good job comes a nice salary.  If you have a high paying job, you probably will not need to play the lottery.
  5. Invest more in the stock market and spend less in the lottery. When you invest in the stock market especially in big companies with long years of proven success, your money will grow exponentially.  Take note, I am not talking about “trading.”  Trading and investing are two different terms.  But sorry we will not talk about stock market here.
  6. If you want to play the lottery, then pick numbers according to what math says are good ones.  It’s better to play with strategy than no strategy at all.
  7. Patience and persistence are necessary.  Winning takes a long streak of bad lucks.  You may wait seven or more years before you win.  And maybe “forever.”  So if “forever” is sort of “not funny” for you, then perhaps it’s time to forget the lottery and start working out towards success the hard way.

How does Lotterycodex make money

Lotterycodex doesn’t generate income by selling anything. In fact, I don’t sell lottery ticket. I don’t run a lottery syndicate as well.

Every content here is free whether you are accessing the public section or the members only area.

To keep everything rolling, I do ask for a voluntary donation. I do accept sponsorship if anyone is willing to help. I may consider putting commercial ads but that will be a plan in the future.

Proof of my lottery winnings

I don’t play the lottery. So there’s no way I win a lottery jackpot.

So I know your next question will be why should you listen to me.

As a computer programmer, I have learned from my profession how numbers essentially help create a useful software. Everything you see in this world has to do with mathematical equations and lottery is no different.

The lottery is all about random numbers. And how numbers behave in a random activity such as the lottery is such an interesting subject.

It piqued my curiosity to apply math to it and see what works. I use various mathematical tools to analyze the lottery, and I don’t need to be a lottery player to prove my point.

I am just basically sharing the results of my research for those of you who play the lottery.

You will see right before your own eyes that, all theoretical analysis of the lottery matched extremely close with the real lottery results.

All my analyses of the lottery are based on several mathematical tools, and they are:

  1. Binomial Coefficient by Gerolamo Cardano
  2. Probability Formula
  3. The Geometry Of Chance by Renato Gianella
  4. Law Of Large Numbers
  5. Combinatorics

The good thing about mathematics is that you can prove your calculation by comparing mathematical theory with the actual results.

Here is what math says about the lottery. Believe it or not, it’s all up to you.

To your lottery success,

Edvin Hiltner
Lottery Probability Analyst and Combinatorialist

Lotterycodex Mathematics Meets The Lottery

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