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Edvin Hiltner here and welcome to Lotterycodex.

Before I talk about what Lotterycodex is and what it can do for you,  let me discuss some essential things with you first.

  • The lottery is all about “entertainment” and nothing more. You play with the excitement of possibly winning a windfall but don’t forget that you do this just for fun. Although you can use math to help you pick good numbers, the odds are too astronomical to beat. Do not rely on the lottery to improve your life. The lottery can change your life only if you’re lucky, so it’s not the best path to improve your life.
  • I advise that you invest in yourself more than in the lottery.  Spend your money to improve your education.  Learn a new skill or know-how to be an entrepreneur.  Let me tell you the winning formula: SKILLS + HARD WORK = WEALTH.  That is the surefire way to win financially in life.  Don’t rely on the lottery.
  • Lastly, Lotterycodex doesn’t sell lottery tickets, and it’s not a syndicate, either. So, if you need to play the lotto, please run to your nearest local lotto station.

If you have to play the lottery, you might as well play it right.  And Lotterycodex is here to help you make informed choices.

What is Lotterycodex.com?

Lotterycodex.com is not a strategy but mathematical information about lottery games. I use mathematical tools to study combinatorial compositions, mainly probability theory and combinatorics. I analyze the lottery from the perspective of the law of large numbers.

Here is a free guide that has attracted a lot of lotto players around the world: The Winning Lottery Formula Using Math

If you’re not ready yet to delve into the nitty-gritty of combinatorial mathematics, then maybe you should start with this article: How to Win the Lottery According to Math.

Even though English is not my native language, I decided to share my lottery studies. But I’ll do my best to explain everything in plain English.

I’ve seen many people make number selections either randomly or by quick pick machine. While these approaches are natural for many players, I don’t think they are the proper ways to play the lottery.

The truth is that all combinations have the same probability of getting drawn.  However, combinations are not created equally because, depending on the composition, combinatorial groups don’t have the same ratio of success to failure.  The best explanation is that odds and probability are not mathematically equivalent.

I don’t say a combination such as 1-2-3-4-5-6 will not get drawn. I claim this combination belongs to the group with the poorest success-to-failure ratio. Indeed, strange numbers do appear in the lottery. But you don’t want to bet on these combinations because of their poor S/F ratio.

Using mathematics, you can play better.  A mathematical strategy is possible because a random lottery follows probability dictates.  See my article A Visual Analysis of a True Random Lottery with Deterministic Outcome.

You get two benefits when you use math.

1. You are fully aware of the group of combinations with a poor ratio of success to failure.

2. You become confident because you are making an informed choice

In short, Lotterycodex helps you get the best shot possible.

Sure, winning the lottery is a tough nut to crack.  It isn’t easy.

I am not here to say winning the lottery is easy, far from that.

But you might as well play it right since you want to give it a shot at the tease of “what if” you win.

Lotterycodex Principles

  1. Don’t play the lottery if you have no job.
  2. Save, save, and save money to play the lottery.  If you cannot save money, you have no privilege to play the lottery.  The truth may hurt, but the lottery is only for those who can save money for entertainment. Hate or love me, but that’s the fact.
  3. Don’t rely on the lottery to improve your life.  Please go out and find a good job.  If you don’t have a good job, maybe start your own business.  That’s the real way to win money.
  4. Invest in yourself.  Go and learn a new skill.  With proper skill comes a great job. With a good job comes a nice salary.  You probably will not need to play the lottery if you have a high-paying job.
  5. Invest more in the stock market or an index fund and spend less in the lottery. When you invest in an index fund or the stock market, especially in big companies with long years of proven success, your money will grow.
  6. If you want to play the lottery, pick the type of combination with the best ratio of success to failure according to math.  Calculate and strategize your game.
  7. If you’re a solo player, don’t play multiple tickets.  If you want to play more than one ticket, join a syndicate and use a lottery wheel for a more strategic method of playing.
  8. Patience and persistence are necessary.  Winning takes a long streak of bad luck.  You may wait for many years before you win.  And maybe “forever.”  So if “forever” is “not fun” for you, perhaps it’s time to forget the lottery and start working towards your success the hard way.

Source of Revenue

I built this website with one objective: to educate lotto players.  I’ve conducted extensive research on the lottery, and the conclusion of my studies is available in a special section that is free for everyone to access: The Winning Lottery Formula Using Math.

The content is an eye-opener, and once you understand the concept, you will never play the lottery the same way again.

I revealed everything. All the secrets are on the Lotterycodex website. If you know how to calculate combinatorials, you’re good to go—and you don’t need my calculator.

But if you don’t like what you read and see, you’ll be glad you didn’t pay a single cent. There is no need to subscribe to the free lottery guide section (Lotterycodex doesn’t have a mailing list).

But I am an entrepreneur, and one way or another, I have to make things sustainable in the long run to keep everything up and running for everyone to see.

There’s too much complexity in mathematics, so I offer a lottery calculator for those who don’t want to go through the complex processes of manual calculation.

Buying a Lotterycodex calculator is optional discretionary spending, so you only buy when you think that your calculator is worth the price.  I guess it’s a win-win deal.

Either way, the lottery guide section is free. You are free to apply the information with or without my calculator.

Proof of My Lottery Winnings

I don’t play the lottery. So, there’s no way I can win a lottery jackpot.

So I know your next question will be, why should you listen to me?

As a web programmer and a stock market investor, I have learned from my profession how numbers essentially help create useful analytical software. Everything you see in this world involves mathematical equations, and the lottery is no different.

The lottery is all about random numbers. And how numbers behave in a random activity is such an interesting subject.

It piqued my curiosity to apply math to it and see what works. I use various mathematical tools to analyze the lottery, and I don’t need to be a lottery player to prove my point.

The mathematical tools

I use combinatorics and probability theory to analyze how the lottery works, and I use only the historical results to prove my calculation.

I am just sharing the results of my research with those of you who play the lottery.

You will see right before your eyes that all theoretical analyses of the lottery matched closely with the actual results.

I was inspired by Renato Gianella’s paper, The Geometry Of Chance. Lotterycodex introduces a unique and original combinatorial design that considers the balanced selection of odd, even, low, and high numbers in one system.

I don’t claim the best method in the lottery industry.  No one can claim that.  If you are looking to strategize your game most effectively, exposing yourself to lots of research and studies about the lottery is important.  Read this: Lottery Tips: The Half Lie, The Whole Truth, and What Really Works

The good thing about mathematics is that theory can be proven with the actual lottery results.  Lotterycodex is built upon that solid principle.

Believe it or not, it’s all up to you.

For your lottery success,

Edvin Hiltner

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