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Last updated on March 23, 2024

An auto-mechanic showing his lotto ticket to Edvin Hiltner
Hello Edvin,

I am 62 years old and have retired recently. I used to work as an auto mechanic. Throughout my life, I never played the lottery. I always felt that the fact that it is so random was a big disadvantage, and I did not want to throw away my hard-earned money. If it were more controllable, I would be much more interested in playing the lottery.

This brings me to my question – Is the lottery completely random? Can one exercise some form of control over it to improve the chances of winning the lottery?

I would be interested in playing the lottery if there were a calculated approach that enables one to study drawing patterns. In that way, one would inevitably be able to increase the chances of winning the lottery, which is, after all, what the goal of playing the lottery is all about.

Having information and insight could help, but one also needs to learn how to control emotions and act in a considerate manner. To be confident in your moves and decisions is the best way forward, and this is what I am interested in learning.

Looking forward to your advice,

Mr. M.G.

Dear Mr. M.G.,

Thank you for sending me your thoughts on this matter, which is indeed a fascinating subject. I like your statement that “to be confident in your moves and decisions is the best way forward” because it truly is.

Yes, the lottery is truly random. No system in the world can always effectively manage to predict the next winning numbers. Not even Lotterycodex can do that because a lottery draw will always give out random results.1

Can you increase your chances of winning?

Indeed, you can.

Unfortunately, the only way to do it is to buy more tickets.2 But buying a boatload of tickets as a strategy is not enough. It will help if you do it strategically.3

So, talking about buying more tickets, there are two methods you can do this:

  1. Buy multiple tickets by randomly picking numbers or using a quick-pick machine.
  2. By using a lottery wheel.

Mathematically speaking, a lottery wheel is more effective because it strategically traps the winning numbers within your selection. This strategy cannot be done using random tickets.4

For lotto players, the only strategy that works is a lottery wheel. But you have to use the right lottery wheel.

I recommend using the Lotterycodex calculator because this is the only wheel that combines combinatorial math and probability theory to separate groups of combinations based on their varying success-to-failure ratios. And when buying multiple tickets, consider playing as a lottery syndicate.5

My probability studies indicate that a truly random lottery has a deterministic outcome. Thus, using the probability concept, we can determine which combinations will have the best shot at winning.

A truly random lottery game shows exhibit streaks and clusters as indicated by this image. The image suggests specific ideas on how to play the lottery and increase your chance of winning the lottery.
A truly random lottery follows the dictate of probability. Therefore, the outcome of the lottery can be deterministic according to the law of large numbers. Read: A Truly Random Lottery with a Deterministic Outcome

The laws of mathematics always govern the behavior of a random lottery game. Therefore, the best possible strategy to win the lottery would be to apply math principles.6

As always, more tickets tend to become expensive in the long run. So, I recommend that players only spend the money they can afford to lose. It’s still best to join a lottery syndicate.7

If you want to avoid the complexity of mathematics, then we have a list of Lotterycodex calculators you can use instead. Our calculators use combinatorial and probability analysis to determine the dominant combinations that exhibit the best success-to-failure ratio.8

As you see, Lotterycodex can help you make well-informed choices when playing the lottery. Math can help.9

Despite being a random event, the lottery is not just haphazard guesswork. I encourage you to read how our lottery calculator works.10

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