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The Lottery Game Plan


It’s a war out there. When you play the lottery, it is vital that you know the enemy, strategize your plan and execute the attack to win the war.

The general who wins the battle makes many calculations in his temple before the battle is fought

Sun Tzu

The odds of the lottery is your tough enemy. Remember that out of millions of numbers, only one combination will be picked to get the main prize. It’s the type of odds that no system in the world can reverse engineer. And surely not by your favorite psychic guy next door.

It’s not easy to win the lottery. That’s a mathematical fact that you cannot change.

Lottery draws are completely random. However, my Mathematical studies show that it follows a deterministic pattern and that is your key to playing the lottery with greater chances of winning.

In short, there is a better way to play the lottery. Do you want to know how to win the lottery? Then, I propose you start using Math.

However, a mathematical approach to increase your chances of winning is just one thing. Playing the lottery with the right mindset is another thing. You have to understand that the lottery is just entertainment for a cause.

You win only after a long streak of losses. Your lottery losses are just the price of the entertainment. Some players do not realize the concept of “fun” in the lottery. In the end, they chase their losses. This attitude is a clear sign that a player is falling into lottery addiction problem. But with the proper mindset or right attitude, any negative consequences could be prevented.

You have to be a responsible player.

I propose the following game plan to cover both Mathematical aspect and the lottery as an entertainment activity, so you can play the lottery with more chances of winning without losing your shirt.

The Lottery Game Plan

The Lottery Game Plan Explained

The primary objective of the whole process is focused on saving enough money to play more lines, then repeat the process over and over until you win.

Picture yourself like a war general who fight with a war strategy (game plan), enough soldiers (more tickets), and strengthening his people (saving money) before going to war.

1. Choose a strategy that works

When I say strategy, it doesn’t count the hot numbers and other strategies that don’t work. Many lottery strategy myths are going around the internet, and it pays to know them if you want to win. So the next time you play the lottery, don’t pick numbers based on the most common winning lottery numbers.

I propose a playing strategy that is based on pure math. Lotterycodex uses various mathematical tools to determine the best number combinations in the lottery.

I invite you to check out all my mathematical analysis of the lottery to see what number patterns work best in your favorite lottery. It’s FREE.

Everything is calculated, and all you have to do is to apply the results to your playing strategy.

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2. Play more lines to increase your chances of winning

It’s hard to win the lottery if you just play one line. That’s a fact. You are just wasting your time and money if you keep on playing that way.

The main reason you want to play the lottery is to win. The best way to achieve that is to play as many lines as you can.

However, playing the lottery with more lines is not cheap. So you have to check your financial capability to know how much you can save money for your lottery entertainment.

If you set a specific number of lines you can play, then you know how much you can save.

Alternatively, you can start a syndicate so you can cover as many lines as possible.

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3. Save money to play more lines

Budgeting is king. In fact, this step is the crucial part of your lotto playing strategy. You don’t want to sacrifice your groceries just to play the lottery.

Failure to save money for lottery game means a big disaster.

Like I always say, you should set a separate money for your entertainment.

There is nothing wrong in dreaming of becoming a lottery jackpot winner one day. But you have to do it with the right attitude and discipline.

The whole point of saving money for lottery entertainment is that you are spending money that you can afford to lose.

If you win the lottery, then you can enjoy your life all you want. If you keep on losing, then you can move on without losing your shirt. If it’s bad luck, your next move is to start saving money again for the next round of lottery play, and you don’t sacrifice anything.

Remember that the lottery is just entertainment. It’s not fun when you play and then can’t pay your utility bill due tomorrow.

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4. Know when to play the lottery

If you have enough savings to cover all your lines, then, you know it’s the perfect time to play.

The expected frequency as computed through the Probability formula will allow you to determine how to time your play. For example, if your favorite pattern just appeared in yesterday’s draw, then it’s unlikely that the same number pattern will occur in the next draw. Chances are, it will take some more draws before the same number sequence reoccur.

Inside the lottery analysis section, I also include computation for the approximate interval, so you know how many draws are needed for you to wait before you play your favorite combination patterns.

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5. Prepare the numbers

Use the same set of combinations over and over. Some lottery systems allow you to use the same form over and over. If you are playing multiple lines, this will save you time. There is no need to change your numbers each time you play.

If you keep playing the same set of numbers consistently, it’s just a matter of time that one of your combinations will come as the winner.

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6. Play The Lottery

It’s possible that the jackpot prize keeps on increasing because no one is winning the big prize. The jackpot prize becomes bigger than the previous one.

You should never look at the jackpot prize to affect your action. Whether it’s the minimum jackpot prize or higher, just play the lottery. As long as you have enough savings, you’re good to go.

When you play the lottery, please put your signature on the back of all your tickets.

If you sign your ticket, no one can steal it from you. A lotto ticket is a bearer instrument, meaning if you lost your ticket, anyone can claim the prize. If you sign your name, only you can claim the prize upon presenting a valid ID.

Additionally, when you play the lottery, do it with a positive outlook that you will win. Think positive so that you attract positive results. If you think negative right from the start, how can you expect the odds to go in your favor?

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7. Check the results yourself.

Do not give your tickets to the lotto cashier to check if you win the lottery. It’s possible that the cashier may return a different ticket you did not play. If you have to hand your ticket to someone, make sure you signed the back of the ticket to prevent anyone from stealing your good fortune.

The best thing to do is to check everything yourself. Take for example the experience of one devastated UK player after UK lottery group Camelot refused to pay his multi-million-pound prize for his failure to check and keep his ticket.

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8. Save your small winnings

If you did not win the jackpot but did win some small division prizes, add your winnings to your lottery fund.  Adding your small winnings to your savings will give you the opportunity to play more lines.

But of course, you always have so many options.  If you have been reading my articles, you know that I prefer putting my money on the stock market rather than the lottery.  So I suggest you consider investing your small winnings in the stock market or maybe to your retirement plan.

But if you are into fun, then add your small winnings to your lottery entertainment fund so you can add more tickets the next time you play.

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9. If you win the jackpot

If you win the jackpot, please keep quiet and be simple. It’s possible that during this time, you will find yourself in a maze of confusion. As a jackpot winner, you need to stay calm.

Stop planning what to do with the money. Keep your ticket in the safest place possible until a team of professionals is put in place to manage your new found fortune. And when I say “professionals,” I didn’t mean just about anyone who just happens to have a bookkeeping know-how.

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10. Claim your big prize

If you have a financial adviser already, then it’s time to claim your prize. Deborah Jacobs of Forbes recommends staying anonymous if your state rules permit it.

Rules on winner publicity vary by state. In New York, for example, winners’ names are a public record. Elsewhere it may be possible to maintain your anonymity by setting up a trust or limited liability company to receive the winnings, says Beth C. Gamel, a CPA with Pillar Financial Advisors in Waltham, MA. A client of Gamel’s who won a past lottery did that, and had a lawyer claim the prize on behalf of the trust. In South Carolina, it’s also possible to remain anonymous.

10 Things To Do When You Win The Lottery

Once claimed, follow your adviser. Enjoy your life and your wealth, and remember to stay humble and connected to your family.

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May the power of probability be with you!

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