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The Great Lottery Debate: Computerized Draws vs. Lottery Balls


I don’t think computerized draws are necessarily evil. However, I believe fun and excitement are better experienced through mechanical drawing using lottery balls since people can see the game in action. A computer-based draw must be designed properly to produce an outcome based on a truly random process and not through mathematical calculations. For example, the lotto operator connects the...

Lottery Syndicate: A Simple Yet Effective Strategy


A lottery syndicate is a pool where a group of players buy lotto tickets and agree to split the potential winnings by the buy-in amount of each member. It is a cost-effective way to boost the chances of winning. You know the odds of winning the lottery are extremely small, but playing it as a syndicate member improves your odds of winning, and it can be a great deal of fun. Syndicates can be...

Lottery Addiction – Signs, Dangers, and Where To Get Help


Lottery addiction has often been discussed but rarely investigated. The promise of a huge jackpot prize made it the most popular form of gambling among the masses. So naturally, it is seen as a socially acceptable form of gambling. But the lottery, like any other form of gambling, is meant to be fun. The lottery is just entertainment. However, for a minority, losses from the lottery may lead to a...

Top 10 Lotto Betting Do’s and Don’ts


Everyone wants a short cut in his life. Those short cuts are available in different forms. One of them is the lottery. Some, no matter what the consequences are, risk their whole money and fail to give a big bang for their bucks. Let's discuss the many don'ts which help you understand the lottery better.

The Lottery Game Plan


Do you follow a lottery game plan when playing? If not, you must create one for yourself. The odds of the lottery are your tough enemy. Remember that only one combination will be picked to win the main prize out of millions of numbers. It’s the type of odds that no system can predict or manipulate, not even by your favorite psychic guy next door. Remember that there’s no way you can...

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