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What’s the Best Covering Size for a Group of Four in a 6/45 Lottery?


Hello Edvin,I have purchased the 6/45 calculator from you and I'm going to be playing the lottery in a group of 4 people. What covering size would you recommend for a group of that size; 13, 17, or 21?  We will be playing 20 lines, does this change anything?Thank you very much for reading and I would really appreciate your help. PG Hi PG, Thank you for writing. Please remember that the...

Is System 9 Effective for Winning Tattslotto?


Hi Edvin,I'm in Australia and have been playing lotto 6 Numbers & 2 Supps drawn out of 45 Numbers.I've been playing 9 Numbers System 9 every Saturday 3,7,9,11,12, 24, 33, 41,45I've been playing these numbers sometimes up to 3 x each week since 2015.I've had 4 straight and 3 straight numbers a few times but can't manage to crack 5, 5 + 1 Supp or 6 straight Numbers!!I don't want to...

How to Win Australian Powerball According to Math?


Are you wondering how to win the Australian Powerball game? Despite the game’s randomness, let’s examine different mathematical strategies to improve your chances. Ready to learn? Let’s begin. Voices from the Lottery Community Hi Edvin,I have just recently purchased the 7/35 calculator for Australian powerball and I am working through your strategies. I wanted to say thank you...

How to Win Tattslotto According to Math


Want to learn how to win Tattslotto? If so, let me explain a mathematical strategy that works. We will also clarify some common myths and superstitions about the game. Before we discuss the nitty-gritty, we need to understand the odds of winning the game and its associated challenges. Knowing the rules is crucial so we can make smarter choices rather than picking numbers randomly or believing in...

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