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Lottery Predictions, The Winning Formula Of Mathematics, and a Simple Game Plan


Have you ever wished you had a magic machine that makes lottery predictions?

Pull the lever by the hand.  You hear the machine start running, clinking, and clanking.  And after a few minutes, the numbers roll out in front of you.

Copy them into your ticket. You wake up the next morning and voila: you win.

And what comes next is a simple rinse and repeat process and countless occasions of “hooray” over and over.

Sounds terrific, doesn’t it?

Unfortunately, winning in lottery games isn’t that easy.  No machine has been invented yet to make lottery predictions.

So until that magical machine is available, mathematics remains the only tool to guide us in playing the lottery so we only spend our money when it matters.

Mathematics and Lottery Predictions

Lottery predictions, the winning formula of mathematics and a simple game plan. The image shows the probability formula and the binomial coefficients formula. These two formula are instrumental for building up a solid strategy for any lottery games.

I have spent 3 years conducting studies on many lottery games being used around the world.

The focus of my study is to determine how numbers behave based on probability theory.

It was an eye-opening experience.

I have seen the best, the bad, and the worst number combinations in the lottery.  And I have seen how mediocre lottery players are with their number selection strategy.

But …

Ultimately, my most mind-blowing discovery is that the lottery follows a predictable pattern.

Yes. You can predict the lottery (to an extent).

And I can prove that using mathematics.  See my article How To Win The Lottery and Win Sooner According to Math.

It’s high time, you forget about hot numbers in all lottery games you play.  Believe, me they don’t work according to math.  And never waste your money on lottery strategies that don’t work either.

Follow me on this venture.  Once you know how the lottery works from a mathematical perspective, you will not be playing the lottery the same way again.

The Winning Formula

Lotterycodex is here to offer free probability analysis for all lottery games.

And, you don’t need a math degree. Everything is calculated and presented to you on a silver platter and in plain English.

In no time, you will be a more knowledgeable player.

However, even with a mathematical strategy, winning in a lottery takes a long streak of bad lucks.  So you need a system.  You need to follow a winning formula that is holistic:

Persistence + Math + Proper attitude = Lottery Success

This formula takes into consideration other factors that contribute to your success as a lottery player.

And math is just one part of the equation.

A Simple Game Plan

Knowledge is power. And like Uncle Ben said to Peter, with power comes great responsibility.

Possessing a mathematical strategy is not a license to play the lottery haphazardly.

At any rate, playing the lottery is all about “FUN.”  You play with the excitement of winning a windfall and that is the entertainment you are all looking for in the lottery.  Win or lose; you did have some fun.

However, anyone can be at risk of lottery addiction.  Therefore it is important that you are aware of the potential danger that it may bring to your life.  For one thing, your losses from the lottery are just the cost of entertainment in much the same as movie tickets is the cost of a good time.

At the end of the day, you will come to realize – the odds of the lottery is too hard to beat.  Like popularly said more often, the odds of lightning hitting you is more likely.

Therefore, along with the winning formula, you need a simple game plan to execute the whole thing.  The primary objective is to teach you how to play the lottery responsibly.  See the Lottery Game Plan I have prepared for you.

Getting started with the fundamentals?

Without the mathematical foundation, everything I say won’t make much any sense to you. So without further ado, let me lead you to the first article you should be reading:

How To Win The Lottery and Win Sooner According to Math

I hope you win the lottery soon!


Edvin Hiltner
Lottery Probability and Combinatorics Analyst

Lotterycodex Mathematics Meets The Lottery

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