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Lotto 649 – Predicting the 649 Winning Numbers According To Math


If you have been playing lotto 649 for many years now, chances are, you have been doing it all wrong.  You’re probably choosing numbers that won’t get any chance at all. I hope not.

The probability analysis I have conducted of the lotto 649 shows that 65 patterns exhibit high probability and 145 patterns are dead useless.  From those 65 patterns, only 4 exhibits the highest probability.

The problem, the majority of the players are unaware of the patterns they are playing.  As I always say, the key factor to a lottery strategy is in the combination pattern.  (read my other posts on Lottery Strategy Myths and the 10 Lotto Betting Do’s and Don’ts)

Let’s discuss now how to win the lotto 649 game with a high probability of hitting the jackpot based on the winning formula of mathematics.

lotto 649 - how to pick the lotto 649 winning numbers according to mathematics

The Odds Of Winning The Lotto 649

The lotto-649 game format produces a total of 13,983,816 playable combinations. So if you play 1 game, you get 1 in almost 14 million chances.

Thinking about the odds, it’s too hard to imagine. How would you be able to choose the 6 numbers that will turn out to be the next lotto 649 winning numbers?

They say people are more likely get killed by a shark than winning the lottery may be true.  The probability is zero if you don’t swim in the ocean. The lottery is the same. You have to be in it to win it.

So this is where math can help.  The key is in the pattern. By avoiding the worst number patterns, you are improving your chances of winning the Lotto 6/49.

As I said earlier, 4 of 65 number patterns exhibit the highest probability of occurring in lotto 649 draws.  If you follow those 4 number patterns, the probability of matching the next 649 winning numbers is very high.

Let’s illustrate my point using the odd and even analysis in the lotto-649 game.

Odd-Even Patterns

Here is the table that shows the complete odd-even patterns in the lotto 649 game with their corresponding probability:

Patterns Probability Estimated Occurrence in 100 Draws
6 odd and 0 even 0.012664640324215 1
5 odd and 1 even 0.091185410334347 9
4 odd and 2 even 0.24967433782023 25
3 odd and 3 even 0.33289911709365 33
2 odd and 4 even 0.22796352583587 23
1 odd and 5 even 0.075987841945289 8
0 odd and 6 even 0.0096251266464032 1
1 100

Based on the table above, we can divide the patterns into three groups:

Best Patterns Fair Patterns Bad Patterns
3 odd and 3 even 4 odd and 2 even 5 odd and 1 even
2 odd and 4 even 1 odd and 5 even
6 odd and 0 even
0 odd and 6 even

The table above shows that if you avoid the bad patterns, you can greatly improve your chances of picking the best 649 numbers to play.

If you are a serious lotto-649 player, would you trust your money on number patterns that will not give you any chance to win? I urge you to think twice.

Needless to say, probability analysis shows that you should go for the 3 odd and 3 even number patterns.

Go ahead and gather the last 1000 draws in your lotto 649 game and tell me what’s the best pattern.  To see is to believe.  You’ll be surprised that my probability analysis matches exactly with your statistics.

But before you do that, let me give you an idea how Mathematics can predict the outcome of the lottery.

Lotto 649 Prediction Using Probability Analysis

We can determine how the lottery will likely perform in a given period. Thanks to the power of Probability.

For example. If we want to know in advance the outcome of any lotto 649 game in 1000 draws, we multiply probability by the number of draws.


Expected frequency (3-odd-3-even) = 0.33289911709365 x 1000 draws

Therefore, for 3-odd-3-even, the expected frequency is 332.899117094 or 333

If we are to predict the outcome of all the odd-even patterns, we know it will always be the 3-odd-3-even that will stand out.

Patterns Probability Estimated Occurence in 1000 Draws
6 odd and 0 even 0.012664640324215 13
5 odd and 1 even 0.091185410334347 91
4 odd and 2 even 0.24967433782023 250
3 odd and 3 even 0.33289911709365 333
2 odd and 4 even 0.22796352583587 228
1 odd and 5 even 0.075987841945289 76
0 odd and 6 even 0.0096251266464032 9
1 1000

Going back to my challenge, you see how the patterns will perform in 1000 draws, go ahead and compare your statistics with the actual lotto 649 results.

Actual Lotto 649 Results Versus The Theoretical Calculation

My theoretical calculation will closely match any lotto 649 game and I can prove it.

But it’s better that you prove it yourself.  Believe with your own eyes.

Here are the links to results pages for some of the 6/49 games in the world:

Download the last 1000 draws and tally the odd and even combination patterns and compare your list with the above probability table.

It doesn’t matter what lotto system you play as long as it follows the pick 6 from 1 to 49 numbers.  The results will always match with the mathematical calculations. Whether you are looking for BC lotto 649 winning numbers, or Saturday lotto 649, or results from the lotto 649 Alberta or the Western 649 winning numbers, the statistical data will always match closely with the probability theory.

Now, hold on…

Better lottery hack requires a deeper understanding of the lotto 649 structures than just odd and even numbers.

The Best Way To Pick 649 Numbers

To play the lotto 649 with a greater chance of winning. You have to use an advanced strategy.

This advanced strategy requires more than just odd and even patterns.

The lotto 649 game has a total of 210 patterns.  I divided the patterns into three groups.

Group Patterns Number of patterns
Best patterns Patterns #1, #2, #3 and #4 4
Fair patterns Patterns #5 to #65 61
Bad patterns Patterns #66 to #210 145
210 total patterns

It’s free to access the complete list here.

From the table above, you see lotto players should focus on the best 4 patterns.

The table below shows some examples of the number patterns in 6/49 game format:

Pattern Probability Expected occurrence
#4 0.0289620516 3x in every 100 draws
#9 0.0144810258 1x in every 100 draws
#35 0.0115848206 1x in every 100 draws
#127 0.0015017360 1x in every 1000 draws
#186 0.0001802083 1x in every 10,000 draws
#206 0.0000150174 1x in every 100,000 draws
#210 0.0000060069 6x in every 1,000,000 draws

The table above shows some patterns that will never appear in a lottery draw.  Patterns #127, #186, #206, #210 will never be a good number patterns to play.

And there are a total of 145 patterns that you should avoid because following their patterns will never generate 649 winning numbers for you.  See the complete list here

Needless to say, you must avoid those 145 combination patterns at all cost.

However, many lotto players are not aware of the patterns they are playing.  More often, they fell on those number patterns that will only waste their money.  You are probably one of them.

How To Win the Lotto 649 Game

To have a greater chance of winning the Lotto 649 game, I recommend the following:

  1. Use the 3-odd-3-even, 4-odd-2-even, 2-odd-4-even combinations.
  2. Focus on number patterns with high probability especially Pattern #1, #2, #3 and #4.  See the complete list at the lottery analysis section.

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