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Expected Value in Lotteries: Exposing Its Significance and Impact


Expected value (EV) in lotteries, like the U.S. Powerball, varies with jackpot size. A $384 million jackpot typically results in negative EV, whereas $1.5 billion may be positive. Yet, taxes and jackpot splitting can make a seemingly positive EV negative. Overall, lotteries usually present a negative EV, suggesting they're better suited as entertainment rather than reliable financial ventures.

Winning The Lottery vs. Getting Struck By Lightning


Which is more likely, getting struck by lightning or winning the lottery? I don't think we are asking the right question. It's your choice that dictates your fate whether you are going to win the lottery or be killed by lightning. Let's discuss the odds in the right perspective then see if lottery is really such a bad thing as many anti-lotto group would like you to believe.

Can the Lottery Be Part of a Serious Financial Freedom Plan?


Hi Edvin, I am playing the lottery and I just have read all your topics about the game, I am amazed! I especially like your thoughts about mindset and planing the game! Very powerful and helpful! You have put a lot of time and effort into it! And everything is precious! Thanks for that! I have been wasting big enough money on lottery games until I run nearly out of my savings and then stopped...

Why Buying Hundreds of Lotto Tickets Can Be Useless


Buy more lotto tickets. That’s the only way to increase your chances of winning. However, buying hundreds of tickets is useless if you make the wrong choices. Such a strategy is not only dangerous to your wealth but also hazardous to your health. At the basic level, those groups who use the mathematical method of covering have a better chance than those who pick numbers by guesswork or...

Lottery Tips – What Works and What Doesn’t


Some lottery tips online are substantially bad advice. It’s not easy to win the lottery. That’s the whole truth. The probability that you will win the next draw is almost like wishing for a miracle. If you play the lottery despite the terrible odds, you might as well play it right. So, I might as well share my two cents from a mathematical perspective. The Best Lottery Tips The...

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