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Know When To Play The Lottery


If you have enough savings to cover all the lines, then, you know you are ready to play the lottery.  But that doesn’t mean it’s the perfect time to play.

Timing is of the essence.

Let me explain the importance of following a specific pattern and knowing their frequency.

Lottery Patterns and Their Frequency

If you choose to play by focusing on a specific number pattern, then tracking the frequency of your pattern is important. Please read how to win the lottery according to math first for more information on this.

The expected frequency as computed through the Probability formula will allow you to determine how to time your play. For example, if your favorite pattern just appeared in yesterday’s draw, then it’s improbable that the same pattern will occur again in the next draw.  Most likely, it will take some more draws before the same pattern reoccur.

Mark the date when the last pattern occurred and compute the next possible occurrence in advance. You can use the calendar to help you schedule your next play.

Timing your play

Let’s have some actual example.  Let’s talk about 5/3 lottery system.

The pattern #8 in 5/35 lottery system has a 0.0561404914 probability.  The probability means that pattern #8 occurs approximately 6 times in 100 draws.  So if this pattern occurred yesterday’s draw, then most likely it will not appear in the next draw.  The probability measurement shows that you have to wait for about 14 to 18 draws before you play this pattern.

It is straightforward.

  • Pattern #8 occurs 6 times in 100 draws
  • You need to wait for approximately 14 to 18 draws before you play pattern #8 again.
  • During this time that you are waiting for the right timing.  Take advantage of saving some money.

The best pattern to play

In a 5/35 lottery system, pattern #8 is not the best pattern to play.  I always suggest that you focus on the best ones.

If you play other lottery systems, then the probability may differ.  There is no one size fits all calculation in the lottery.

To make sure you are playing the right patterns, check out the lottery analysis section and see the best ones to play in your favorite lottery.

No assurance of winning

You have to understand that the lottery is truly a random game.  There is no assurance that the pattern will occur after the 18th draw.  It may occur earlier or later.  That’s why you have to start playing around the 14th draw.

You cannot predict the lottery.  Probability theory is just a guide.  It will tell you how many times a certain pattern will occur, but it will not tell you exactly when.

When the timing is ripe

And the savings are not ready yet, don’t play.  Please, don’t play.

But if the savings are ready, then go ahead.

Again, it has to be “savings” for your entertainment.  And when I talk about savings, I am talking about so many months of patiently setting aside money just for your lottery entertainment.

Now, I don’t want to be a killjoy. But if you realize that maybe it’s better to divert those savings into your retirement plan, then do it fast.

However, if you’re really into lottery entertainment, then go ahead.  After all, it’s your savings.  You’ve saved it and resist the temptation of playing the lottery for many months just for the right moment.  So I guess you deserve to have some fun.

Lotterycodex Mathematics Meets The Lottery

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