The Lottery And The Winning Formula Of Mathematics


Mathematically, there are millions of bad combinations in the lottery and many lottery players are wasting money on these bad numbers. You are probably one of them. I hope not.

In the UK, for instance, at least Ten Thousand lotto players are wasting their money on 1-2-3-4-5-6 every week according to reports published in The Guardian and The Daily Mail websites. However, from the perspective of Mathematics, this notorious combination is not the worst in the world of lottery.

Moreover, a lot of serious lotto players, gather the past lottery results to get a clue on how to beat the odds.

But lottery statistics is not necessary.  You need pure math to determine the best numbers in the lottery.  You will see the detailed explanation on this in my article:  How To Use Math To Increase Your Chances Of Winning The Lottery.

My Mathematical studies show that the lottery follows a predictable pattern that could be the key to increasing your chances of winning.

I have spent a lot of time conducting probability studies on many lottery systems around the world. I have seen the best, the bad, and the worst numbers in the lottery.

If you follow me on this venture, you will discover just how powerful Math can be to your lottery success.  Once you know how the lottery works from a mathematical perspective, you will not be playing the lottery the same way again.

Play Like A Mathematician

Lotterycodex is here to offer free probability analysis for your favorite lottery. And, you don’t need a Math degree. Everything is calculated and presented to you on a silver platter and in plain English.

In no time, you will be a more knowledgeable player.

However, knowledge is power. And like Uncle Ben said to Peter, with power comes great responsibility. In other words, play the lottery responsibly.

How To Get Started?

It is important that you first learn the Mathematical formula from which I based my probability analysis.  Without the Mathematical foundation, everything I say won’t make much any sense to you. So without further ado, let me lead you to the first article you should be reading:

How To Use Math To Win The Lottery

If you have done the reading, please proceed to get free exclusive access to the private section where you can view all my mathematical analyses of the lottery in plain English.

I hope you win the lottery soon!


Edvin Hiltner
Lottery Probability and Combinatorics Analyst

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I study maths. I get a good grasp of it through persistent learning. I get my inspirations from the works of Gerolamo Cardano and Renato Gianella in the fields of Combinatorics and Probability theory.

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