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How to Win the TattsLotto 6/45 According to Math


Many players want to know how to win TattsLotto but they don’t get it. Rather than relying on a scientific approach, many players stick to the century-old myth of using lucky numbers, hot and cold numbers, etc., etc.  But mathematically speaking, those methods don’t work in the Lottery.

Many are wasting their money because they keep on playing the wrong number patterns and consistently use lotto strategies that don’t work.

If you are not familiar with the number patterns in the lottery, I recommend reading my article where I describe The Mathematical Way To Play The Lottery. Please do it first before you proceed below.

how to win TattsLotto 6/45 according to Mathematics

How To Win TattsLotto – The Odds Of The Australian 6/45 Game

The Australian TattsLotto game is a 6/45 lottery format, so the rule is to pick six numbers from 1 to 45. Based on this rule, the number of ways to match six combinations is exactly 8,145,060, so the odds are 1 to 8 million.

Even though the TattsLotto’s two additional balls are designed to give additional opportunity to win, still, the odds of winning is difficult like any other lottery systems.

So in perspective, you have a better chance of becoming one of the honorable representatives in the Australian Parliament than winning the TattsLotto.

Fortunately, we can use Mathematics to improve your probability of winning. Let’s talk about how to win Tattslotto starting with the odd-even patterns.

Odd-Even Patterns In Australian TattsLotto 6/45

Play the wrong odd-even pattern in Tattslotto, and you will never win the jackpot no matter how patient or persistent you are in play.

The table below shows the complete odd-even patterns for TattsLotto with their corresponding probability:

Pattern Favorable Combinations Probability
3-odd-3-even 2727340 0.33484590659860100
4-odd-2-even 2045505 0.25113442994895100
2-odd-4-even 1850695 0.22721686519190800
5-odd-1-even 740278 0.09088674607676310
1-odd-5-even 605682 0.07436188315371530
6-odd-0-even 100947 0.01239364719228590
6-even-0-odd 74613 0.00916052183777652
8,145,060 1

I divide the odd-even patterns into three groups:

Best Patterns Good Patterns Bad Patterns
3-odd-3-even 4-odd-2-even All-even-numbers
2-odd-4-even All-odd-numbers

Based on the table above, the best odd-even pattern in TattsLotto is the 3-odd-3-even pattern.

Let me prove this using the actual TattsLotto results.

Odd-Even Patterns From The Actual Results Of The TattsLotto

The table below shows the comparison between estimated frequency and the actual frequency taken from the actual 582 draws of TattsLotto from January 7, 2006, to March 04, 2017.

We compute the Expected frequency using the formula below:

Expected Frequency = Probability X 582 draws

In the case of 3-odd-3-even with a probability of 0.33484590659860100, the expected frequency is 195.

Expected frequency (3-odd-3-even)

= 0.33484590659860100 x 582

= 194.88031764 or 195

Here is the complete comparison table:

Patterns Expected frequency in 582 draws Actual frequency in 582 draws
3-odd-3-even 194.88031764 187
4-odd-2-even 146.16023823 154
2-odd-4-even 132.240215542 143
5-odd-1-even 52.8960862167 50
1-odd-5-even 43.2786159955 39
6-odd-0-even 7.21310266591 5
6-even-0-odd 5.33142370959 4
582 582

Probability estimation compared to actual results of the TattsLotto 6/47

The table below that if we compare the expected occurrence with the actual results, you will see that values are very close. It proves that TattsLotto behaves in a predictable pattern.

And fortunately, we can use Mathematics to determine the trending pattern. Thanks to Probability.

If we are to predict the outcome of the odd and even patterns for Australian Saturday Lotto in 1000 draws, we will come up with this prediction table below:

Pattern Probability Expected Frequency
3-odd-3-even 0.33484590659860100 335
4-odd-2-even 0.25113442994895100 251
2-odd-4-even 0.22721686519190800 227
5-odd-1-even 0.09088674607676310 91
1-odd-5-even 0.07436188315371530 74
6-odd-0-even 0.01239364719228590 12
6-even-0-odd 0.00916052183777652 9

As a smart player, you don’t want to waste your money on the last three patterns. As an Australian Saturday Lotto player, you may want to put your money on the first three patterns.

You see, being aware of your number patterns is very crucial to know how to win Tattslotto 6/45. That is the basic idea of why we want to use Probability Analysis in TattsLotto.

However, in the lottery, it’s not just odd-even patterns. Looking into all 45 numbers more deeply, we can develop more complex patterns that will help us achieve our goal of winning.

The Three Winning Patterns In Australian TattsLotto

I have divided Australian Saturday Lotto patterns into three groups.

Group Patterns Number of patterns
Best patterns Patterns #1, #2, #3 3
Fair patterns Patterns #4 to #88 85
Bad patterns Patterns #89 to #210 122
210 total patterns

Based on these groups, you now have a good idea that the best way to play TattsLotto is to use patterns #1, #2, and #3.  I highly recommend to always focus on these 3 important patterns.  That’s how to win Tattslotto. There are 210 patterns in Australian 6/45 game and you can see the complete list here.

Let’s take a look at some of them in the table below with the corresponding probability:

Pattern Probability Expected occurrence
#1 0.0298340344 Once every 33 draws
#2 0.0298340344 Once every 33 draws
#3 0.0298340344 Once every 33 draws
#182 0.0002784510 Once every 3,333 draws
#183 0.0002320425 Once every 5,000 draws
#184 0.0002062600 Once every 5,000 draws

Learn how to win Tattslotto using number combinations following patterns #1, #2, and #3. The problem, perhaps 80 to 90% of the TattsLotto players are not aware of the patterns they are playing.

Often, they fell on number patterns that will only waste their money. For example, the following patterns should be avoided at all cost:

Pattern Probability Expected Occurrence
#206 0.0000073664 7x in every 1,000,000 draws
#207 0.0000073664 7x in every 1,000,000 draws
#208 0.0000073664 7x in every 1,000,000 draws
#209 0.0000066298 7x in every 1,000,000 draws
#210 0.0000001228 Once in every 10,000,000 draws

If you are playing the Australian Saturday Lotto without knowing the probability of your patterns, you are playing blindly. So with Mathematical strategy, players get two benefits:

1. The player saves money
2. The player increases chances of winning

Let me prove my point by using the actual lottery results.

Probability Estimation Versus Actual Results Of The TattsLotto

In this section, we will compare the Expected frequency of each pattern against the actual frequency from the actual TattsLotto results. We get the Expected frequency of each pattern by multiplying the Probability by the number of draws.

For example, there are 582 draws in Australian TattsLotto from January 7, 2006, to March 04, 2017.

Therefore we use the following formula:

Expected Frequency = Probability X 582 draws

Using the above formula, we will come up with the following comparison table:

Pattern Probability Estimated Occurrence in 582 draws Actual occurrence in 582 draws
#1 0.0298340344 17 14
#2 0.0298340344 17 23
#3 0.0298340344 17 18
#4 0.0265191417 15 15
#5 0.0223755258 13 11
#22 0.0119336137 7 9
#23 0.0119336137 7 3
#24 0.0119336137 7 6
#25 0.0119336137 7 4
#26 0.0119336137 7 4
#206 0.0000073664 0 0
#207 0.0000073664 0 0
#208 0.0000073664 0 0
#209 0.0000066298 0 0
#210 0.0000001228 0 0

As you see, the expected frequency is very close to the actual frequency. You don’t want to put your money on patterns that will never make you a winner. Instead, you must select the pattern that has the highest probability of occurring.

How To Win TattsLotto – Use This Strategy

To have a greater chance of winning the Saturday TattsLotto, I recommend the following strategies:

  1. Use 3-odd-3-even, 4-odd-2-even, 2-odd-4-even combinations
  2. Focus on high probability patterns especially patterns #1, #2, #3 (The complete list is freely available at the lottery analysis section)

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