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Should I Stick to Only the Top 6 Templates?


Hi Mr. Hiltner:I purchased your 6/46 lottery information and am really enjoying using and implementing it. I am very determined to win the NJ 6/46 lottery jackpot. Congratulations on a brilliant and factual/mathematical job of presenting the lottery from a probability/combinatorial basis rather than a wrongful statistical approach.I've been playing consistently twice a week for a few months now...

Is System 9 Effective for Winning Tattslotto?


Hi Edvin,I'm in Australia and have been playing lotto 6 Numbers & 2 Supps drawn out of 45 Numbers.I've been playing 9 Numbers System 9 every Saturday 3,7,9,11,12, 24, 33, 41,45I've been playing these numbers sometimes up to 3 x each week since 2015.I've had 4 straight and 3 straight numbers a few times but can't manage to crack 5, 5 + 1 Supp or 6 straight Numbers!!I don't want to...

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