Save Your Small Winnings For Another Round Of Lottery Play


If you win some small division prizes, add your winnings to your lottery fund.

Make it an opportunity to add more capability to buy more tickets.  As you already know, more lines more chances of winning.

But if you’ve been following my articles on this website, you know that I like investing in the stock market than in the lottery.  So I would prefer putting that small winning into shares or retirement fund.

Of course, you can choose from many different options.  Add your winnings to your lottery fund or put it into your retirement fund or maybe split it to do both things.  Up to you.

Either way, the lottery is just fun.  But don’t forget about your future too.

save money before you play the lottery but make sure that you put more money into your investments.  Secure your future by investing into your future rather than the lottery

But the lottery is not a way to make a living

I do not know you.  Maybe stock market is not your thing, or perhaps it’s not applicable to you.

But may I remind you.  The lottery is not a good way to make a full-time living.  If you have experienced winning small money, that doesn’t mean it happens all the time.  More often than not, losing is more frequent than winning.

It’s important that you understand that the lottery is designed to make the lottery operator the likely big winner (each draw) and not you.

Florida Lottery reminds its players that they should never consider the lottery as a way to make money. Lottery games might be entertaining to play. However, do not let it hook you into spending more money than you can afford to lose.

Would you play with minor prizes in mind?

The main goal when playing lottery games is to win the jackpot prize. However, nobody would probably refuse minor prizes. In fact, there are lottery games whose second division prizes can change and improve lives.

Let us take Lucky for Life, as an example. The Ohio Lottery offers this game along with 25 other USA states and jurisdictions.

To play the game, choose 5 numbers from the pool of 1-48 and a Lucky Ball from 1 to 18. Match the 5 numbers and the Lucky Ball to possibly win $1,000 a day for life.

Match 5 numbers and you could win $25,000 a year for life. Would you agree that winning the second division prize is worth creating a strategic game plan? If you agree, then consider learning about combinatorial patterns to improve your plays.

To use combinatorial patterns, you could go for basic and advanced. Let me say at this point that this method will not show you exactly how to determine the next winning combinations.

Combinatorial patterns and analysis will instead let you know the patterns with best ratios of success to failure. These are the patterns that will give more ways to win, but fewer ways to lose.

In basic combinatorial patterns, you need to look at the odd-even and low-high composition of combinations. To play Lucky for Life with the hope 0f winning even the second prize, you may use the 5/48 odd-even, low-high patterns.

The best choice of odd-even pattern in Ohio Lucky for Life is 3-odd-2-even. It has 558,624 ways to win and 1,153,680 ways to fail. The worst choice is 5-even with 42,504 ways to win and 1,669,800 ways to fail.

The best odd-even ratio for a 5/48 game is from a 3-odd-2-even or 2-odd-3-even combination. The ratio it offers is 1 to 2.

The worst odd-even ratio is from a 5-even or 5-odd pattern. The ratio is 1 to 39.

Hence, the best ratio reduces the possible instances of failure from the worst ratio by about 20 times.

Basic combinatorial groups also involve the low-high ratio of combinations.

The best choice of low-high pattern in Ohio Lottery Lucky for Life is 3-low-2-high. It has 558,624 ways to win and 1,153,680 ways to fail. The worst choice is 5-high with 42,504 ways to win and 1,669,800 ways to fail.

The best combination to use follows 3-odd-2-even pattern while the worst combination has 5-high

The best pattern can give you 33 times t match the winning numbers in 100 draws. The worst pattern can give you only 2 opportunities.

Suppose your chosen combination is 5-6-7-8-9. Do you this can give you the best shot at bagging even just the 2nd prize? It has the best odd-even ratio, but its low-high ratio is the worst.

Either you change some numbers or you use advanced combinatorial design to solve the contradicting ratios.

The first option requires you to guess and to calculate over and over until you get the best ratio. The second option could leave no room for speculations and complex computations.

The Lotterycodex Combinatorial design for Ohio Lottery Lucky for Life has low-odd, low-even, high-odd and high-even sets. Low-odd contains 1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15,17,19,21,23. Low-high spans 2,4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18,20,22,24. High-odd has 25,27,29,31,33,35,37,39,41,43,45,47. High-even includes 26,28,30,42,34,36,38,40,42,44,46,48.

Right at the start, advanced combinatorial design will tell you how you can improve your combination. It will also tell you which combinations offer the best, worst, good and bad ratios.

Therefore, it does not force you to take a particular move. It lets you practice your ability to choose wisely, and the wise player will always play using the best patterns.

Through combinatorial patterns and analysis, you will understand the future behavior of the game in a more detailed outlook. Through the information it provides, you can make decisions that will take you steps closer to winning.

Don’t forget to be thankful

I am not a superstitious guy, but I think there’s nothing wrong to be thankful. But I have witnessed many times in my life that expressing gratitude for something that you get (small or big) provides surprising benefits for you.

For some supporters of the Law of Attractions as a strategy for winning the lottery, being thankful for small prizes you get will inspire the universe to reward you with something bigger than you expected.

And science says gratitude is good for your health according to one of the articles in

So for me, being thankful transcends beyond any monetary benefits.

For one thing, you need the patience to play the lottery.  Winning is unlikely to come on your first attempt.  Playing the lottery is likely a long streak of failures and being thankful for whatever small winnings you get will train you to become patient and optimistic.

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