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Save Money To Play More Lines


Budgeting is king. In fact, this step is the crucial part of your lotto playing strategy. You don’t want to sacrifice your groceries just to play the lottery.

Failure to save money for lottery game means a big disaster.

There is nothing wrong in dreaming of becoming a lottery jackpot winner one day. But you have to do it with the right mindset.

You need more money to play more lines

Mathematically, it’s better to play once a year with 100 lines than playing just one line every draw for 20 years.

But playing many lines is not cheap.  So it’s important that you save money to implement your plan.

And why you have to save money?

You save money because it is not proper to play the lottery if you don’t have some money.

Watching a movie, buying a football ticket, and playing the lottery are all the same.

You can do them when you have the money.

And talking about budgeting, they fall into the category of “entertainment.”

For all I know, you get some budget for entertainment when you have some extra to spare after all the important things have been considered re food, bills, school, rental, etc.

For the lottery, apparently, the more lines you need, the more necessary it is to save money.

The whole idea of saving is to protect you from overspending money on entertainment and neglect other things that are most essential.

In the lottery, winning more often is not likely.

My best recommendation

Saving money is a skill that you have to learn if you ever want to live in your old age without the money worries.

I suggest you save less in your lottery entertainment.  And you save more for your retirement plan.

You don’t want to put the bulk of your money into the lottery just because you need to play many lines.  Saving money makes you ready for that.

Lotterycodex Mathematics Meets The Lottery

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