Notice to the Public


This is to inform the public that the Lotterycodex brand has only two official websites, and they are:


All kinds of transactions not initiated through the official websites are not legitimate. Please protect yourself from all sorts of scams—entities or persons collecting fees and representing themselves as authorized agents are not connected to Lotterycodex.

Any transactions not conducted through the official websites should be considered illegitimate. Consumers are advised to exercise caution and ensure that all interactions, purchases, or engagements with our brand are facilitated directly via our official website to guarantee legitimacy and protect against potential fraud or unauthorized activities.

We do not allow anyone to use the Lotterycodex brand and condemn all acts, methods, and practices against ethical standards.

Lotterycodex is an intellectual property of Ebookuity Publishing, a duly licensed business with proper permits from the Republic of the Philippines government.

Thank you
The Ebookuity Publishing Team

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