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Having Trouble Logging In?


If you are unable to log in, chances are, you are not using the new password.

I update the password to the lottery analysis section from time to time.  And I notify everyone about it via email.

Possibly, you did not whitelist Lotterycodex in the email program you are using which prevents you from receiving notification.

How to get the new password?

Add the above email address to your contact list or address book.  This step instructs your email program to treat Lotterycodex email as legitimate.

Once done with the whitelisting process, you will receive the new password in my next update straight to your inbox.

In the meantime, you may not be able to access the private section temporarily until you receive my password update.

I have done my best to inform everyone about the whitelisting process.  But if for some reason this whitelisting step was overlooked, the most that I can do is send the password to you on the next scheduled update.

Best regards,

Edvin Hiltner
Lottery Probability And Combinatorics Analyst

Lotterycodex Mathematics Meets The Lottery

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Edvin Hiltner

I get a good grasp of mathematical theory through persistent learning. I get my inspirations from the works of Gerolamo Cardano and Renato Gianella in the fields of Combinatorics and Probability theory.

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