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List Of Financial Advisers To Ask For Help


Robert Pagliarini, CFP, EA

Pacifica Wealth Advisors, Inc.

Robert Pagliarini is the author of The Sudden Wealth Solution: 12 Principles to Transform Sudden Wealth Into Lasting Wealth

Jason Kurland

The Lottery Attorney

Jason has represented a number of lottery winners including a high-profile winner of the U.S. Powerball $254.2 Million in 2012 and a Powerball winner of the $336.4 million from the Rhode Island.

Nick Holeman, CFP

Certified Financial Planner

Nick enjoys teaching others how to make sense of their complicated financial lives. Nick earned his graduate degree in Financial and Tax Planning and has since helped countless individuals and families achieve their goals.

Elle Kaplan

CEO and Founder

After working on Wall Street in investment banking, sales and trading, and obtaining an Executive MBA in Finance, Kaplan started her own firm to offer asset management and retirement planning. She and her team can craft a plan so you can live a retirement free from financial worry.

Lance Scott


Lance Scott founded Bay Harbor with the mission to be a trusted financial partner by helping clients focus on living life with financial confidence – today and long into the future.

Rob Gabridge

Wealth Advisor
Tarfis Wealth Management

Rob is a CPA, CFP® wealth advisor and an official member of the Forbes Finance Council.

Stacy Francis CFP®, CDFA™, CES™

President & CEO
Francis Financial, Inc.

Stacy owns an award-winning fee-only comprehensive Wealth Management firm dedicated to providing clients ongoing financial guidance.

Greg Ostrowski, CFP®

Managing Partner
Scarborough Capital Management

Greg and his group offer wealth management & low-cost, flat-fee 401(k) help for individuals.

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Lotterycodex Mathematics Meets The Lottery

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