What’s the Best Covering Size for a Group of Four in a 6/45 Lottery?

Hello Edvin,

I have purchased the 6/45 calculator from you and I'm going to be playing the lottery in a group of 4 people. What covering size would you recommend for a group of that size; 13, 17, or 21?  We will be playing 20 lines, does this change anything?

Thank you very much for reading and I would really appreciate your help.


Hi PG,

Thank you for writing.

Please remember that the probability stays the same. The only way to improve your probability is to buy more tickets. Please read How to Win Tattslotto According to Math.

Now, you play with four people, and that would make a big difference as long as you play as one group. Ensure you have a written contract if you’re playing as a group.

With 20 lines, you have 20 in 8,145,060 chances of winning. So you have 20 favorable ways to win and 8,145,040 unfavorable ways. Therefore, your success-to-failure ratio is 1 to 407,252. This strategy is better than 1 in 8,145,060 probability.

So 20 lines indeed make a big difference, albeit expensively. But you’re playing as a syndicate, and that’s the best way to handle this covering strategy.

To achieve a 50/50 shot at winning any prize, you may purchase around 29 tickets.

You asked about the best covering size. Well, the covering size depends on your entertainment budget. When I say entertainment budget, it’s the budget that you can afford to lose. Please remember that the lottery is truly random, and the expected value of the lottery is always negative. So you play to entertain yourselves. If you win, great. If you lose, then go back to saving money and playing again. Remember the 3 Ps: patience, perseverance, and persistence.

My advice is to go with the covering size that you can afford. When choosing numbers, keep them balanced across the number field. Please log in to your Lotterycodex calculator and go to the “How Lotterycodex Works” page for more information on selecting a balanced set of numbers.

Use the same list of combinations each time you play. No need to change your list.

Stay safe,

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